Let me take a few moments to introduce myself by starting off with the basics:

I graduated from excelerated studies at Burdett College in Boston on the president’s list, and also graduated among the top in my class from Northeastern University in attaining my paralegal certification.

For the past decade I have worked as the newsroom coordinator at a daily newspaper in Massachusetts. Prior to that I was the executive assistant to the newspaper’s ombudsman for a number of years.

Before being involved in newspapers, I held many roles in various companies, including law offices, a recording studio, insurance company, real estate development company, executive assistant to the regional director of a five-star hotel and worked as the assistant to the president of an international manufacturing company.

I’d like to say I’ve seen and heard it all — but, as we all know — you never know what’s around the next corner.

Some of you may recoginize my byline from the “Dirty Work” column, in which I answer questions from readers on how to navigate sticky situations in the workplace. The column has currently been running in two daily papers in Massachusetts for several years.

My real passion has always been investments. My daily routine consists of waking up and watching “Squawk Box” while I’m getting ready to head into the newsroom, and then grabbing The Wall Street Journal as soon as I arrive at work.

While I find the current economy unsettling, a side of me is also fascinated to watch and learn how people react to our current situation. While some are quickly putting all their 401K savings in the safest reserved fund, or cashing in their stocks and putting the money in CDs — others are almost jumping for joy by the fact some stronger companies’ stocks are taking a hit in the market, so these investors are backing up their truck and loading up on shares in the hopes as the economy improves, they’ll make a killing by following the old wisdom of “buying low and selling high.”

I make no pretense of being a Jim Cramer or Suze Orman. I’m simply someone who was taught early in life by my mother the importance of investing and saving — and I hope you decide to take the on-going journey with me to stay on top of the world of business and investments — from Main Street to Wall Street.

I look forward to chatting with you,

Cathleen Jeffrey




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