Get off the fence & jump into the wading pool – NOW

I sometimes struggle with the fact I block all the messages in this forum, because some of you are really great investors who have phenomenal track records, which could really benefit novice investors.

But because this is the worldwide Internet, and I really want to keep this forum as a place where newbie investors know they can come and get some no-spin sincere opinion/advice on the market, I also see the occasional devil in disguise spammer who would have painted such Eve-like temptations for newbies, which likely would have resulted in them rushing into bad investments for the spammer’s personal gain, that I’ve decided to keep posted messages blocked.

I simply spend the majority of my Internet time doing IRC interactive webisodes for Let’$ Talk Money and Spotted In Boston!, and  I don’t get to this forum often enough to weed out the riff-raff in a timely manner.

And, frankly, I’d rather see a newbie miss out on a prime opportunity to make some cash, than to get sucked into a tidal wave the first time they dip their toes into the wading pool.

So now that I’ve addressed the “why aren’t my messages showing up?” question again, let’s get down to business and take a look at the market we have today, this pre-bell opening Tuesday morning after Labor Day:

We’ve all read the stories over the holiday weekend about Amgen’s new drug and Kraft’s bid for Cadbury, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots more about those companies this week, so let’s take a look at the shape of this market.

The global markets are up across the board, which is a nice sign — but, as we all know, no guarantee of anything.

For those who have been reading along, but are still sitting on the fence, despite my on-going urgings that you’ve got to start getting back into this market, as opportunities to buy low and sell high just don’t get much beter than this market — let’s see how my names have been performing:

On July 13 I wrote about Pepsi, Walmart, Dollar Tree and TJX all being on my due diligence list.

From that date to today, Walmart is up $4, Pepsi is up $2, TJX is up $3 and Dollar Tree is up $6.

This means anyone who did some hard due diligence on those names and picked up even 1,000 shares of each would have just made $15,000 on those four names alone.

Okay, so if you’re a real newbie and you only picked up 100 shares each — you made $1,500.

Not too shabby.

But I know there are those still sitting on the fence, who ignored my pleas a year ago to move your money out of the market and keep it on the sidelines to avoid a meltdown on Wall Street, and ended up getting burnt — I feel for you — I really do.

I’m honestly not sitting here saying “nah-nah nah-nah-nah — I told you so” — because we’ve all been knocked down — but the trick to making money in the market is all about how well you pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and move forward.

And though I would never advise someone to just put all their money into the market again, especially using the wornout “buy & hold” strategies that once worked in their parents’ and grandparents’ generation — if you don’t start rolling up your sleeves and doing some due diligence on this market right now — you’re missing out on some great opportunities to take advantage of the volatility in this market by trading it — not holding on for the longrun.

Again — this a volatile market.

Again — stay the hell out of it, if you’re planning a lameduck buy & hold strategy.

Again — this is a trader’s market — you’ve got to stay on-point to precisely what your investments are doing at all times.

Because — as the title to this site says — this ain’t your daddy’s market anymore, baby!


The usual disclaimer: Don’t base any of your investment decisions on anything you read here. Do your own due diligence, or at least enough research to pick the right professional to handle it for you.


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