You’ve GOT to read this!

If Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone doesn’t win a Pulitzer for, “The Great American Bubble Machine; From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression — and they’re about to do it again,” there is no justice.

Must-read for any investor.

Bravo, Matt!


3 Responses

  1. This is amazing. And what about the new movie just out: Stock Shock!??! Fantastic!!! Market manipulators watch out!! Stock Shock and Matt Taibbi are here!!

  2. Amen. The power of Hunter S. Thompson (but with a clear mind) and a social conscience seeking justice. Taiibi’s the best, and this piece is a tour de force.

  3. The SEC may be finally doing something proactive. Just read SEC requested a copy of STOCK SHOCK–new movie about market manipulation.

    Very good flick and explains stock market manipulation as well. Stock Shock is at and elsewhere.

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