Ford – Target – Walmart…. Just as I predicted

Three names are doing just as I earlier predicted.

When everyone was wondering whether they should jump into GM with the government getting involved — I’ve been consistently telling you that Ford is my pick in this sector. If you listened to me — depending on when you started listening — congratulations — you’ve either gone from around $4 a or $5 a share to over $6 a share.

I also told you back on May 22 that while Walmart has been a longstay on my due diligence list, I had recently added Target.

Therefore, it should be little surprise that some analysts have just downgraded Walmart from Buy to Neutral — and have upgraded Target from Neutral to Buy.

No smoking mirrors or shortcuts here — it’s the pay-off of rolling up your sleeves and doing your due diligence.

You should try it sometime.


Just remember the usual disclaimer: Don’t base any of your investment decisions on anything you read here. Do your own due diligence, or at least enough research to pick the right professional to do it for you.


One Response

  1. Brilliant chat last night, Ms. Jeffrey. I’m a big fan of your style. You really know your stuff.

    Very interesting set-up you have on EAM. I’d be interested to know more about it.

    Hope I’m not breaking any rules by leaving you a message here, but the EAM board is a bit chaotic, and I didn’t want my message to get lost in the mix.

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