Ohhhh….. boys….. ?

Now, you all know me — I’m just not one for rubbing salt into the wounds — especially when it’s the wounds of pompous-full-of-themselves-Ivy-educated-know-it-all-Wall-Street-so-called-experts who fell in love with that E.F. Hutton commercail from many moons ago and dream of the the masses stopping to hear their every insightful word on what’s going to happen in the market next.


On the other hand….

Somebody’s got to do it.

So, while you may remember a few talking heads on the EAM site using every single one of their teasings and pleadings to get me to try to outshine them — once again — because they assumed that the 5-year streak I’ve been on has just got to be some kind of cruel fluke of nature in my outbeating them every single year after year after year after year after year — and they just HAD to have me once again make a New Year’s pick for the first quarter of the year to see how I would do against them one more time — I think it’s time to let the numbers do the talking.

To refresh everyone’s memory, in my “Okay, fellas, here’s my pick” story on Jan. 3, I told everyone that this is a market we had to monitor on a daily basis, and for the short-term my picks would be DXDSX and DXQSX.

Well, it turns out that while our pals, Pete and Jeff, are licking their wounds from this terrible-terrible “blindsided hit” they took during the first month in ’09 — my little DXQSX is up from $18 bucks a share to $21 a share in this first month of January; and my little DXDSX is up $4.50 from $13.50 a share to now trading at $18 a share.

Awww….  that has GOT to hurt, guys.

Now, in a more serious tone — let me address the newbies on this site, who may be  unfamiliar with my… ahem…. “friendly” longstanding battle with Pete and Jeff — there is no such thing as a surefire pick in the market right now — and I do NOT recommend anyone stick in these funds for any long period of time — at all — they are highly-highly leveraged and absolutely must be monitored on a daily basis.

I still stick with my original positing earlier this year about these funds — that they are only short plays —  and I would soon switch over to an ETF — if I was the type to play funds.

But, you know me — I prefer picking individual stocks.


3 Responses

  1. Hey now, I can see all this hostile friendliness directed at Jeff, but you know you’ve always had my admiration as a trading goddess. You can work at my firm anytime.

    Like your new blog title, too.

    So what does the goddess like for February?

  2. Oh I see, so I’m the bad guy here. Pete’s sneaking around calling you the trading goddess. Just remember who was the first one who said hey, this chick’s worth watching. I may not kiss your xxx but you know how I feel about you.

  3. Hey, beautiful, it was fantastic running into you in the city the other night. I’m going to contact you through this forum since I don’t know whether you’d miss my messages in the midst of all the others on EAM and you ignore my emails. Do you even read them??? i want to offer my congratulations on the award. To the best of my memory I don’t recall anyone not on Wall St. ever receiving that acknowledgement before and can’t think of anyone more deserving. Hope you take me up on my offer for dinner

    Your No. 1 fan always.

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