Biotech on my radar screen

We wake this early morning to find futures are up some 70 points, Toyota plans to halt production for 11 days, longtime Merrill brokerage boss Bob McCann is leaving the firm, and stocks took a breather yesterday after their recent gain.
While the business headlines are filled with stories about Madoff hearings and Obama’s stimulus package, it’s a good time to start looking around for names in the market not commanding front page status.
Catching my eye are some biotechs, such as Orexigen Therapeutics, which  is focused on the treatment of obesity, and just issued a key fourth U.S. patent on Contrave.
Also, Endo Pharma has just announced their plan to buy Indevus for $370 million.
And, good ol’ Merck, which just sold its vaccine lab in Wayne, Penn., to PPD, is now seeking FDA approval of Gardasil for Males.
Enjoy your trading day, as I roll-up my sleeves and do my due diligence on these names.
The usual disclaimer: Don’t base any of your investment decisions on anything you read here — do your own due diligence — or at least enough homework to pick the right professional to handle it for your.

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  1. Cathleen, I love reading you, thanks for keeping it real for the average guy and not allowing all the hype like so many others.

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