Okay, fellas, here’s my pick

(Disclaimer: Any newbies on this board unfamiliar with the… ahem…. “friendly rival” between myself and some overpaid yappermouths, who are upset my picks consistently outperform theirs — are strongly advised to skip reading this post. I generally shy away from recommending mutual funds, as I feel individual stocks give one more control over their investing decisions. I am simply choosing to post my response in this forum, as I refuse to espouse my wisdom for free on their boards.)
For those of you who are enjoying the pathetic goating by those so-called Wall Street experts, Pete, Jeff and Al, for me to whoop their butts by picking a mutual fund that will leave them crying for mercy once again, I’m prepared to make my official announcement.
Drum-roll, please…….
I’m sticking with my tried & true pick of Direxion NASDAQ-100 Bear 2.5X  (DXQSX)
But that’s all you’re going to get for free. 
For the benefit of my readers only — this is NOT a fund I want to see any of you in — stick with individual stocks. This fund is soley for people who monitor the market each day, as it is highly-highly leveraged.
You all should know by now that I’m not a fan of that lazy-man’s style of investing — as there’s always at least one dog in a fund manager’s bunch that I’d rather not own — but if I had to pick — and let me stress that once again — if for some God-foresaken reason I wasn’t allowed to actually do my own due diligence and pick my own individual stocks — I would stick with my DXQSX pick.
Running a close second would be Direxion Developed Markets Bear 2.0X Inv (DXDSX).
Now, let’s just take a look at how our picks performed last year — shall we fellas?
Al’s pick is down some 19.1% YTD….. awww, poor baby.
While Pete’s pick is down 24.5% YTD…. better stick to those options, baby.
And, let’s see, know-it-all Jeff’s pick is down a whopping 31.7% YTD….. OUCH, did that crash & burn dent your new shiny black Mercedes? 
Now, let’s just take a little peek at how my little DXQSX did…..
In the words of Gomer Pyle, wellll gawwwwwleeeeee, surprise!-surprise!-surprise! — it turns out anyone who jumped on board DXQSX last year would not have taken a hit in the market at all. In fact, they would have seen a little uptick to the tune of 81.63% profit YTD… and that ain’t no chump-change, baby!
However, as stated before, this is a fund that has to be watched extra-carefully, and I’d likely recommend switching over to an ETF by the end of the first quarter for those insistent on playing funds.
(The usual disclaimer: Do not base any of your investment decisions on anything you read here. Do your own due diligence, or at least enough research to pick the right professional to do the investing for you.)

3 Responses

  1. Hail to the queen, how I’ve missed that sharp wit of yours. Thought that post might finally get a rise out of you. If you can break away from Bahhhsten and find yourself in nyc again, stop by my office and say hello and I’ll buy you dinner again and promise to entertain you with more stories I know you’ll enjoy.

    Your No. 1 fan always,


  2. Tell me again why you decided to hide your blog in this absurd place? I have the damndest time finding you now.

  3. Jeff — I moved over to this board, because the other board’s controls didn’t allow me to block comments before they appeared on my board — and I didn’t want to spend all day going in and deleting comments. While I’m a big First Amendment girl — there is no way in hell that I was going to allow a platform for the shorts to come on my board and hype a stock — just so they could make a killing — and dessimate those who are just trying to invest their money wisely. At this board, no one’s comments get posted until I approve their name to post freely — or allow individual comments.

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