Gotta love that CME, baby!

While readers of this site know I preach that it’s okay to sit on the sidelines if this market is too much for you to handle — if you paid a little due diligence of your own to my Sept. 30 blog posting “Stop the bailout insanity” — you’ll see I told you then that I had just added the CME to my due diligence list.
If you rolled up your sleeves and did your own homework that day, you’re likely doing a bit a woo-hooing today as you had the opportunity to jump into CME at a low between 320 to 330 — and ride this baby all the way over this one week period to where it’s trading today after the close of the market at $410.
That makes some nice walking around ka-ching.
Reuters is reporting this afternoon that CME may become a clearinghouse for some of the credit default swaps, which I speculated on here early yesterday morning that the CME may be in a prime position to take on.
If you joined me in doing some due diligence on this baby — and you went ahead and picked up some shares — go easy on the celebrating and continue to do careful due diligence.
Remember, this is an incredibly volatile market — so listening closely to the word out of Washington and Wall Street is particularly important.
Shaving some off the top may not be a bad idea.
In other words — proceed at your own risk.
You know the usual disclaimer — don’t base any of your investment decisions on anything you read here — do your own due diligence — or hire a professional to do it for you.

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  1. Cathleen,

    Where have you been? I took your advice and pulled my 401k money out of the funds I had it in and put it into a stable value fund just in time a few months back to avoid getting hit hard. I would have been down some 29% if I kept it in the funds it had been in. I figure you saved me a tremendous amount of money, so dinner is on me anytime, anywhere.

    Hey, listen, I was just reading some other messages on here and found a link to your Spotted in Boston! site. Any chance I can join? Happy to pay if there’s an admission charge.


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