I’m under the umbrella with Buffet

While my previous blog entry was dedicated to someone who was a newbie to this forum…. I hereby dedicate this column to Steve, George, Kevin, Mark, Andy and John — who have all been with me since my former financial blogging days at Cathleen’s Corner, and then followed me to EnterActive Media, and have made the leap now to this site.
Your emails state your case loud and clear — I haven’t been blogging as rapid-fire as I once did at my former sites.
When you’re right — you’re right.
But this is not the same market as it was one, two, or three years ago.
In fact, the current market is at record volatility levels.
So while it’s easy for me to say, “Welcome to Friday, guys, the jobs report is due out today — and, once again, it’s not going to be good — and a quick look at where the futures are trading this morning shows they’re a little ahead of fair value…”
The truth is — in this current market — though that information is true — I’m not sure either of those statements really matter.
Because this market seems to have created a ton of people looking to recover some losses they may have made over the past year by trying to play the buzz of the market, instead of stepping back and doing some hard work.
Guys — stop trying to get in at the bottom.
How many of you jumped in on Elan due to all the buzz about its Alzheimer’s drug — then got slaughtered a few days later?
I know you’re out there.
While you were trying to make a quick fortune off of speculation, I have been sitting back and watching what the whales are doing.
Because while there’s a risk in any investment in this market, I’d rather be sharing the same umbrella weathering a storm with say a Warren Buffet in Coca-Cola — where I could at least reap the rewards of a dividend — than trying to jump solo on to a bolt of lightning that’s the latest buzz-stock on the street — and getting fried in the process.
Yes, I know, it’s not a sexy stock — as it’s been around for a while — but in this market I feel safer with the tried and true and have a certain amount of faith that Coke, and even its rival, Pepsi, will still be around when the market rallies once again.
Just remember — that’s just my opinion — don’t base any of your investment decisions on anything you read here, or anywhere else. Do your own due diligence — or at least enough research to pick the right professional to do it for you.

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  2. […] Original post by [Technorati] Tag results for stocks […]

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