Stocks to watch — but don’t forget about alternative investments


WEDNESDAY — 6:23 AM — While I’m sure most business outlets will be reporting today about another go-round between Microsoft & Yahoo — this time with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Microsoft has supposedly reached out to News Corp. and Time Warner to lead to the break-up of the search giant, the saga is growing old with me. It leads me to wonder how many people on the street are already priced in for whatever they’re best-guess the end result will be, so this would be a fool’s play right now. This drama has more twists and turns, including the new revelation in the Journal’s report that Yahoo was still supposedly trying to make a deal after Microsoft initially walked away from the table. Memo to Steve Ballmer — if the deal will help Microsoft — just do it. Why the heck involve all these outside parties from Icahn, to Time Warner to News Corp.?
However, if you find this saga more interesting than I do, then you may be interested in an accompanying story in the Journal concerning Microsoft buying Powerset Inc., an Internet search start-up.
Two stories I find more interesting are:
MarketWatch’s report that Starbucks plans to close 600 stores. While this may mean you won’t see Starbucks on what seems like every other corner in most major cities, it’s an interesting sign of the times. Not to pat myself on the back too much, but if you read through an earlier post, I predicted that McDonald’s plan to create its own niche in the coffee market was something to keep an eye for its affect on the street.  In a tough economy, when people can get a decent cup of java at their Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s drive-thru for a better price, they may forego the pricier brand.
However, the stock I find most interesting to watch this morning is Johnson & Johnson, which has lots of news breaking around it this week, from an insulin pump made by its subsidiary Animas Corp. getting FDA approval, to the FDA approving its collagen facial filler, to an interesting story by on J&J. Check out all the reports yourself at the bottom of Yahoo’s stock look-up page .
And, while all my talk today has been centered around stocks, don’t forget to keep your eye on alternative investments, as treasury notes, moneymarket accounts, bonds, as well as commodities and oil should be on every serious investor’s list.
An interesting sidenote is it was announced at last night’s selectmen’s meeting in Hull, Massachusetts that Standard & Poor’s has increased the town’s rating. Yet another reason why you don’t want to solely focus on stocks — even though this volatile market is presenting wonderful buying opportunities for certain companies.
Just remember the usual disclaimer — don’t base any of your investment decisions on anything you read in my little business blog — do your own research — or hire a qualified professional to do it for you.

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