Royal Bank of Scotland warning of crash & Spielberg may bid Paramount buh-bye

7:25 AM — June 18 — According to The Wall Street Journal this morning, Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks are closing in on a deal with Reliance ADA Group, which is one of India’s biggest entertainment conglomerates. If the deal goes through, this could give Spielberg & Co. enough equity to bid buh-bye to Paramount Pictures.
According to MarketWatch, it apears that Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, a drugmaker based in India, is closing in on a deal to sell generic versions of Pfizer’s cholesterol-fighting drug Lipitor, as well as Caudet, which is taken for both cholestorol and high blood pressure treatments.
One of my favorite business reporters, Charlie Gasparino, was on Squawk Box this morning discussing Lehman Bros. Gasparino believes Blackstone may be considering taking a stake in the struggling financial. Gasparino also warned that unless Lehman makes some major changes soon, he expects further job cuts at Lehman.
The Telegraph in the UK has a story indicating the Royal Bank of Scotland has issued a warning to its clients to brace for a full-fledged crash within the next three months in global stock and credit markets.
Reminder: Don’t base any investment decisions on anything in my little blog. Do your own due diligence, or hire a professional to do it for you.

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