Owner of New England B&B Has Concerns About Economy

As part of an on-going series "From Wall Street to Main Street," I have been spotlighting the economy's impact on businesses in Hull, Massachusetts, a small community located halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. Previous video reports in this series have included Riddles' expansion plans, The Red Parrot avoiding foreclosure, the owner of Schooner's Restaurant discussing what a tough winter it was and Family Ties Dry Cleaners saying she's noticed a slowdown in people dropping off their clothing for cleaning. Here is the newest report:


Last weekend, Ann Marie Kenney gave me a tour of her new b&b called Josephine's Bread & Breakfast, which was enjoying its grand opening weekend.

The inn has three rooms priced from $110 to $165.

While the b&b is named after Ann Marie's grandmother, Josephine, each of the three bedrooms is named after Ann Marie's mother and aunts.

In the video, Ann Marie discusses her concern about the economy, and her worry that people may not be traveling as much as they once did due to shorter purse strings.

One person Ann Marie lists her b&b with down the Cape told her that inns, which were normally booked far in advance for July 4th, still have vacancies.

The good news is that a few days after shooting this video, Ann Marie contacted me to say her business is already picking up in her first week of being officially opened.

She is currently in the process of entering a Martha Stewart contest called "Are You Living Your Dream?" and plans to submit this video with part of her entry -- and she promises to keep me updated on how things turn out.

For more information on the inn, visit Josephine's Bread & Breakfast.


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