Wahlberg Brother Chef at Boston Area Restaurant


From time-to-time I will share videos on this site that I’ve shot for my other site for WickedLocal.com. Here’s one I shot yesterday I think you may enjoy:

Many may be aware of the Wahlberg family having two celebrity brothers — Mark and Donnie.

You’re about to meet a third, who also has his own following.

Unlike his brothers, Paul Wahlberg doesn’t have an interest in acting or singing professionally; rather he has earned raves in published reviews, including The Patriot Ledger, for his abilities as a top chef at Bridgeman’s Restaurant in Hull, Massachusetts.

Yesterday I met-up with Wahlberg after the majority of the lunch crowd had finished their meals and headed back to work.

Bridgeman’s is located directly across from Nantasket Beach, and has two floors for dining, as well as elegant bars on both floors and an outside patio.

While chatting with Wahlberg at the restaurant’s bar on the main floor, he excused himself for a few moments to greet two men who had just finished their lunch and were readying to leave. He inquired if they had enjoyed their meals, and both assured Wahlberg their entrees had been superb.

For the purposes of shooting this video, we sat at a table on the top floor of the restaurant where the large glass windows provide a breathtaking view of Nantasket Beach.


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