United Clipping Wings of Gas-Guzzlers & Lehman Looking Overseas

6:15 AM, WEDNESDAY–According to The Wall Street Journal, Boston Scientific’s COO, Paul LaViolette, will be leaving the company.
The AP says United Airlines is planning to clip the wings of some of its worst gas guzzlers in order to converve money.
There’s another WSJ story concerning Lehman Brothers reaching out overseas for a capital infusion, including at least one in South Korea.
According to Forbes, Yahoo has delayed its annual meeting of shareholders until Aug. 1, from the previously scheduled July 3. This will be a meeting to watch for and see how the street handles the trading leading up to the meeting, as it’s lining up to be a showdown due to billionaire investor Carl Icahn indicating he may plan a proxy war with Yahoo, along with his intention to remove Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, if such a proxy war was successful. My personal sidenote to this is that I believe Yahoo’s annual meeting was held around June 12 last year, so the Aug. 1 date is really pushing things.
Nucor seemed to be the stock everyone was buzzing about yesterday, from TheStreet.com to StreetInsider.com to John Najarian on Fast Money. With a healthy dividend and the steel sector faring fairly well lately, this is a stock that’s caught my eye.
The Normal Disclaimer: Don’t base any investment decision on anything in my blog. Do your own due diligence, or hire a professional to do it for you.

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  1. I watch the news and wonder, while the talk is about the cost of crude oil, the weak dollar and fear cuasing problems – I think many people are out of touch with the reality of everyday life.

    Gas prices are higher due to greed. Greed from opec, oil companies, speculators, business owners and so forth. yes, I believe things will get better – why, becuase the greedy will burn this sector out and move to the next new money making thing……

    Win a $500 Gas Card

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