Watch Pharmaceutical Names At This Week’s Cancer Conference in Chicago

6:45 AM, MONDAY — Welcome back from another gorgeous weekend in New England. I enjoyed spending Sunday on Nantasket Beach, where I shot a couple of different videos about the economy’s impact on the small town’s economy.
One video focuses on how the cost of fuel impacts boaters; and the other spotlights a woman who just opened a new b&b over the weekend. I’ll be posting those videos sometime this week.
But let’s get our heads focused on the week ahead in business. Here’s a little rundown of reports we should be watching for this week:
Today we expect the construction report to tell us how those numbers are stacking up in terms of new home building;
Tuesday will give us the automakers report, telling us how their sales have been;
Thursday will bring us the all-important jobs reports, and while we know this isn’t likely to be good, I’ll be paying particular attention to the jobs in the business and investment world, as I find that to be a more telltale sign on where this economy is headed;
And Friday should give us the actual employment report, which, again, I don’t expect to be randy-dandy.
As for today, I’ll be turning my attention to the 44th annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago, where thousands of cancer specialists will be meeting today. Their opinions on certain pharmaceuticals will be watched closely by the street. In particular, watch for Erbitux, which according to a Washington Post story has worked well with two-thirds of the colon cancer patients tested.
Another name to be on the lookout for is Avastin, which, according to the Courier Mail, has showed some testing that it slows breast cancer when teamed with a chemo drug.
That’s all for now…

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