Oil Investigation, Dell & Let’$ Keep An Eye on Analog Semiconductors

6:58 AM, FRIDAY — The WSJ has a story today indicating the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is in the midst of a nationwide investigation into potential manipulation in the oil market. The story points out an interesting sidenote is how unusual it is for the CFTC to make this announcement while it’s actually in progress.
The Journal has another story concerning Dell’s first-quarter report of a 4 percent increase in sales, contributing much of the profitability to overseas sales. I quickly looked up Dell, and it was selling higher in aftermarket trading.
MarketWatch is reporting that United Airlines has put talks on hold with US Airways, with United saying they’re near an alliance agreement with Continental.
And while I’ll be keeping an eye on Amylin’s Webcast with shareholders today, I found a story in Barrons about getting in early on chip stocks as news that shouldn’t be overlooked — especially analog semiconductors — which I’m, personally, predicting could be the next big thing to hit the street since oil.
The Usual Disclaimer: Don’t base any investment decisions on anything you read in my little blog. Do your own due diligence, or hire a professional to do it for you.

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