Shake-off Memories of a Beautiful Holiday Weekend & Let’$ Talk Money!

6:00 AM TUESDAY — Okay, let’s shake off the memories of that beautiful three-day weekend many of us got to enjoy, and get our eyes on the ball:

The Wall Street Journal posted a story in the past hour indicating Vodafone’s CEO, Arun Sarin, has plans to step down in July and hand the reins over to his deputy, Vittorio Colao. It’s going to be interesting to see the market’s reaction to this, since Vodafone’s been fairing pretty nicely lately, reporting a profit of $13.2 billion for its first quarter, compared to a loss it suffered last year, which they blamed on a writedown of German operations.
The WSJ also has a story that LG Electronics is looking at General Electric’s appliance unit, which GE previously announced they were considering selling.
CNBC, which incidentally is owned by GE, is reporting talks may be starting over a possible merger between Anheuser Busch and Belgian brewer InBev.
On the oil front, MarketWatch reports that supply concerns have lifted oil futures.
MarketWatch also has a take on stocks to watch today.
Also keep in mind that reports are due today on consumer confidence and new home sales.

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