Happy Memorial Day… & A Plug

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Day weekend — but for all you investors out there — don’t forget the Asian markets will still be active on Monday.

Now for a pitch…

If you’re looking for a good read over the weekend, and you have any money at all in the market — or are planning to in the near future — you should seriously consider reading Kevin Phillips’ Bad Money.” 

Too often books written by people in the know in the financial world hit the shelves after it’s too late to do anything about your current portfolio. 

Not so with Phillips’, who gives one of the clearest rundowns of how we’ve gotten ourselves into the current economic mess we’re in, as well as some ideas for the future.

Political junkies might enjoy this book, as well.

This is the kind of book I really wish everyone was required to read — including our leading presidential candidates — and then have a real discussion about our current political and economic challenges — and what they plan to do about them.

I will admit that after reading the book, it left me feeling a little guilty, as I didn’t want to invest in anything but oil, gold and foreign stocks…


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