Time Warner To Split From Cable; Merck to Settle Vioxx Investigations & Other Biz News

6:30 AM, WEDNESDAY — Lots of business news to keep an eye on today, so let’s get to it:
— According to Reuters, Merck & Co. stated they will pay $58 million to settle state investigations into its withdrawn pain drug Vioxx.
MarketWatch released a story a couple of hours ago indicating that while Staples has been eyeing a possible takeover of Corporate Express — Corporate Express has made an offer of its own to buy Lyreco.
The Wall Street Journal has a story this morning indicating Barnes & Noble is studying a possible bid for Borders.
Hmm… I wonder what Amazon thinks about that, although I personally consider Amazon to be more of a clearing house for all types of wares.
— You likely heard the story yesterday indicating federal regulators believe eight former Time Warner executives fraudulently inflated the company’s online ad revenue by more than $1 billion. If you missed it, check out The AP story here.  

In other Time Warner News, according to RTT News Global Financial Newswires, the media giant will be disclosing details today on how it plans to separate from its cable unit.

Okay, that’s all from me this morning — you do the due diligence.


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