Teens Dissing Traditional Summer Jobs

2:30 PM SUNDAY — There’s an interesting story on CNBC’s Web site about how, despite the current struggling job market, teens are opting out of seeking traditional summer jobs like flipping burgers, and instead this college-minded generation are looking for jobs that will look good on their college applications, whether it’s doing volunteer work or running their own businesses — or even taking college-prep courses.

3 Responses

  1. I think many teens are opting out of the job market because it is weaker this year and jobs are tougher to find. However, being creative about your job search doesn’t just help you find jobs that look good for their college aps – it’s a good life skill for future job searches as well.

  2. Thank you for your interesting take on that story. I checked out your Web site at http://www.myfirstpaycheck.com — and I congratulate you on such an innovative idea. I especially agree with your list of the “Top Ten Terrific Things To Do At Work.”

  3. What exactly depicts a traditional summer job? Is it just flipping burgers or leading children to their next amusement park ride? To me it would be a breath of fresh air if more teens embraced going to a day or overnight summer camp and filling out positions that stay open year after year. At least at such camps not only would they be helping bring a smile to a child’s face, but experience making new friends, building relationships with people who could potentially have networking opportunities later in life (i.e. after college), and probably have an experience they may not soon forget.

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