Hull Town Meeting Approves Riddle’s Expansion

Hull Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly last night to approve a proposal by Riddle’s Supermarket to expand.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Cat! What are you doing hiding out in wordpress? PH sent me a link here. Interesting what you’re up to. Does this mean we’ll get to see more of you in the city? Is this going to be more EAM or Corner? Let me know if you want to exchange links or if you’re laying low & come on over to “gawk” and say hello!!! Love you!

  2. Well Hello Stranger —

    I’m not sure exactly what direction this board is going to take, so let’s not exchange links just yet — it’s still in the early experimental stages. It’s my personal site, but I’m linking to my work’s homesite. The kinks have not been worked out with EAM yet, and likely won’t until either late this year or early next year, so for now this will likely be more like Corner, minus the chat feature.

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