CNBC Blogging Live From Warren Buffet Stockholders’ Events This Weekend

I’m certainly not alone in considering Warren Buffet one of the greatest investment gurus of all time.
To that end, throughout this weekend I’ve been checking the constant updates from CNBC’s blog, in which they have reporters attending events in Nebraska, where Buffet is overseeing the annual stockholders’ meeting that he routinely turns into a weekend event.

Any stockholder, even someone who has only one share of Berkshire Hathaway, is able to request a ticket to the event.

CNBC’s blog posted information indicating that Buffet stated he believes the United States is in a recession.
On a brighter note, Buffet also says now is one of the best times he’s seen in recent history to jump in the stock market.
Mr Buffett also indicated his company is close to purchasing a medium-sized British company and will consider selling RBS’s insurance unit.
He also addressed ramblings about a conflict of interest with Moody’s.
CNBC will air a recap of this weekend’s highlights on their TV channel tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

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